Core Assembly

ASTES4CORE: the solution
for the automatic assembly
of magnetic cores


Production Plus

A4CORE eliminates set up time

A4CORE automatically changes model

A4CORE has no production constraints

A4CORE automatically changes and handles in real time the gripping tools and cut magnetic foils handling
ASTES4CORE (A4CORE), it is a fully automatic solution for the assembly of the single magnetic foils composing the cores of transformers and reactors, single phase and three phase and with 5 legs. The assembly of the magnetic foils with A4CORE ensures a high degree of accuracy of the sequence with which the various cut pats are placed next to each other. This grants better continuity in the ferromagnetic core, thus obtaining the best results in terms of total magnetic reluctance.
ASTES4CORE has been developed based on an exclusive ASTES4 property international patent.

Sectors of Application
CORE DIMENSIONS ARE NOT A LIMIT FOR ASTES4CORE. The part of the system that handles the cut magnetic foils is tailored to the customer requirements, allowing multiple assembly stations to be served. Thus ASTES4CORE is applicable in the production of transformers of various types, such as distribution transformers, power transformers, traction transformers, furnace transformers, etc.
Layout and system design
The core build up takes place on a variable dimensions platform specifically equipped for the correct positioning of the cut magnetic foils. Such linear variability of dimensions allows producing core of various dimensions, within ranges defined with the client. The platform set up is fully automatic. The set up can be performed locally trough a touch screen fitted on the machine, or in remote control conditions via internet or company network.
ASTES4CORE can obviously assemble cores for dry or oil immersed applications, with grain oriented (GO) or non-oriented (NO), covering the full range of state-of-the-art cross assembly systems for magnetic cores: conventional or step-lap.
ASTES4CORE is installed downstream of the cutting machines, but can also be fed off-line.


Stable efficiency and quality, controllable and repeatable.

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