unmanned sorting for
2D cutting technologies


Production Plus

A4COMPO has long time unmanned production capacity

A4COMPO takes care of materials handling

A4COMPO labels kit components

A4COMPO loads pallets with complete kits

A4COMPO assures quality by means of vision systems

A4COMPO assures material’s traceability

A4COMPO eliminates human factor for kit preparation
ASTES4COMPO (A4COMPO) is an "Intelligent FMS" (Flexible Manufacturing System) – patented worldwide - specially designed for the sorting kitting and stacking of dynamically nested Plies. A4COMPO can manage loading of composite materials and the sorting of single cut parts produced by 2D cutting machines in several application fields: from carbon fibers to isolating materials up to technical textiles for high tech use. A4COMPO is able to pick up parts gently; automatically sort, move and stuck cut parts of any geometry, placing and kitting them correctly for further use. Pick up modalities of composite materials are developed taking into consideration material’s characteristics, to avoid deformations or damages.
A4COMPO is able to sort, move and pile cut parts of any geometry neatly placing them for following working steps.

Fields of application
A4COMPO is optimal for all industrial sectors in which composite materials are increasingly applied. For aerospace or automotive components, marine or train applications, technical textiles for sports or individual protection items, medical or electronic products, A4COMPO represents the highest sorting and kitting technology ensuring maximum safety and quality of production.
Layout and system engineering
A4COMPO design is tailored to the cutting machine being utilized and the materials to be handled. A preliminary study permits to manage carefully technical characteristics of composite materials, their use and production process downstream the cutting and sorting operations. The unwrapping of composite materials rolls and the wrapping of the scrap after cutting allow continuous cutting machine operation and high productivity. The use of A4COMPO Intelligent FMS, integrated with specially developed warehouses for composites, will grant maximum efficiency and quality of the process. Special vision systems for continuous flow processes, combined with marking devices for part’s traceability, are common features for quality assurance issues, typical of composite materials processing. Deep interaction between ASTES4’s and customer’s technical departments will highlight specific production issues and find optimal solution for the highest customer’s satisfaction. This way A4COMPO will be "your solution" to composite materials cutting automation.
Manufacture in unmanned mode:
A4COMPO is applicable to all cutting processes of composites, where controlled, ruled and traceable production is required. A4COMPO is the combination of most advanced handling and picking technologies, managed by powerful software able to grant maximum flexibility, productivity and repeatability integrated with ERP systems.
The system is equipped with all functional and safety checks to ensure continuity of work during unmanned shifts. A4COMPOcancels out human error in the management of cut material, registers information and manages alarm situations resulting from any inaccurate cuts caused and not handled by the cutting machine, so avoiding waste of material and resources.

OPTIMISATION: A4COMPO works with joblist
A4COMPO consists of four cartesian grippers mounted on a mechanical double gantry structure. One pair of grippers is mounted on each gantry. A4COMPO is fitted with machine software capable controlling and making most effective use of grippers, the tool magazine and all system functions. This mechanical solution, comparable to a sort of cartesian robot with at least four self-configuring gripping units, enables the system to adapt to the available space and the application requirements; the selection of tool (or tools) for the item’s pick-up point and place point in the storage area is fully automated, with the option to modify them according to specific manufacturing requirements, using simple management SW HMI’s.

The gripping tools are simple and provide the operational flexibility required to unload and easily stack the widest range of items, solving the greatest limitation of common automation systems. Depending on the size of the items and the speed of the work flow, the system chooses how many grippers to use.
A4COMPO can be interfaced and integrated with all systems and brands of cutting machines and warehouses, whether newly installed or existing.

A4COMPO captures files in the standard formats (e.g. ISO, DXF, DWG etc.) generated by CAD-CAM systems.

A4COMPO does not require the use of a programmer and is run by user-friendly software.

A4COMPO optimizes manufacturing efficiency:
A4COMPO manages scrap. The cut items are completely separated from the roll and scrap is wrapped and made available for unloading.

A4COMPO is the only system using specially designed grippers for a safe and gentle grip of composite materials. This is necessary to avoid tensions and deformation of cut parts, so as to ensure high quality level.

A4COMPO lowers energy consumption:

A4COMPO is capable of unmanned operation. This means that the cutting program can be regulated over 3 work shifts, with a clear financial benefit from increased manufacturing capacity and the consequent gain in competitiveness.

A4COMPO ensures on-time delivery to the customer due to reliable manufacturing timescales, which are not influenced by the work force human factor.