FMS Flexible
Manufacturing Systems


Design Philosophy of ASTES4 Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS)
The future of the industrial enterprises cannot be achieved without considering the integration of the production systems with the commercial, logistic and management functions, ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction and support. This is strictly connected to the company capability to meet delivery times and required quality levels.
The high production efficiency and therefore the concept of advanced automation, plays a key role to achieve of a high level of service. Efficiency and speed lead to customer satisfaction minimizing the cost/service ratio, eliminating waste of resources in activities of no value for the customer.
This is why high level of automation, i.e. high production efficiency, translates into higher competitiveness and a formidable selling tool, irrespective of the product or service provided.
According to the “Lean Thinking” approach, the fight against production waste is a central element of improvement.
There are seven waste categories:
The reduction or elimination of the above listed wastes has been the inspiring factor of ASTES4 design philosophy and development. By applying cutting-edge technologies through simple but extremely effective and flexible ideas, ASTES4 represents an FMS solution without equals, patented worldwide.

ASTES4 technological strengths
Mechanical Design: simple, reliable, fast, flexible, modular, energy conscious, low maintenance and high safety focused.

Systems engineering design: ASTES4 Systems engineering has the task of identifying tailored system solutions for the specific needs of the customer.

Automation technology: the individuals working for ASTES4 bring more than 20 years of experience, allows the integration into ASTES4 of complementary technologies such as: