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Tesar SPA
Tesar S.p.A., with over 20 years of experience, is Italy’s leading supplier of systems for planning, control and management of industrial quality and production, as well as for automatic data collection from the departments. The hardware and software solutions offered are fully integrated and entirely developed in its facility. Through the modularity of its systems Tesar boasts hundreds installations in companies of any size.

Sito Web: www.tesar.it
CAD.I.TECH develops software solutions mainly focused on the field of: Document Management PDM and PLM implementation, Design Automation and Product Configuration Management Systems, CAD custom functionalities and PDM/PLM modules, System Integration, communication and data exchange between different platforms/systems.

Website: www.caditech.it
WiCAM, a German software company, develops EPR / PPS-integrated CAD / CAM software for CNC sheet metal processing. Core competences are the fully automatic control and optimization of bending, laser, water, plasma, flame cutting, shearing, cutting, punching and combination machines.

Website: www.wicam.com